All we have is a gift

Image: Coco Winter

We. Have. Rights. Damn it.

We’ve evolved into a species that’s into drawing tight borders around what’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘wrong’.

Although, in most ways, it’s making this world a safer place to live, on the other hand, because we live in this increasingly protected world, it’s easy to gain the ‘world must bow at my feet’ mentality. Like a spoiled child, many of us walk around with a sour smirk on our face wondering why we didn’t get our way.

Meanwhile, we’re driving fuel economic cars that don’t really break down while talking on our bluetooth phones and eating meals that kings of yesteryear would slaughter entire villages to gain access to.

Although we have a lot of work to do, we have it good in many ways here in this western world.

And then, something happens…

Someone close to us passes away. We avoid a head-on accident by inches. A certain diagnosis comes our way. A building blows up or a bomb goes off.

All of a sudden, that smugness of entitlement fades away into —

Holy. Shit. That was close. I’m alive. And this go-round won’t last forever.

Suddenly, we love those closest to us like we’ve never loved them before. We see each breath as the thing it really is — life’s gift.

Nothing shows us the gift of life better than the closeness of death.

No need to wait for the crisis. We can still do this when we’re healthy and all of our limbs are intact. Feel that breath you’re breathing right now. That’s the one. It’s just a gift. No guarantees another breath will come, no matter what man-made rules we make up.

Each one is sacred.

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