The lived myth of our separateness

Image: Sinisa Plevnik

If we’re totally focused on this body and everything that surrounds it in the physical world, it’s easy to feel… Lonely.

Like we’re on an island here, and as close as we get to others, we’re always separate. Never. Quite. One.

We live in an increasingly pragmatic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get-leaning society. It’s no surprise that more and more of us feel separate and alone.

This is why spirituality is so vital today. We’ve thrown out the baby with the bathwater. With the idea of a judgmental, anthropomorphic god in the clouds, we’ve also tossed out our oneness and spiritual inheritance as humans.

What’s interesting is this…

No matter how many ways we dream up to try to display the myth of our separateness, something keeps pulling us together.

Today, as alone as we feel, we’re more connected than ever. The technology we’ve created makes it extremely easy to punch a few buttons and be in instant conversation with anyone, anywhere in the world. We can share our thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and loves for free, right now, with anyone and everyone who might care.

But what do many of us do with this technology? We use it to push ourselves further apart. To try yet again to make our separateness real. Through arranging violent acts to cyber-bullying to dick-pics and everything else in between, there’s a minority of humans who are still of the mind that we must pull ourselves apart and stay on this island of our contrived separateness (with only those who look/act/think like us) while pushing everyone else off.

We’re just prolonging the inevitable…

Humanity is growing into an increasingly safer, more unified bunch no matter how much we believe our egos that we’re separate.

I think it’s time to give in to our oneness and ride the flow that spirit is taking humanity in.

Mind if I jump on your island? I’m getting quite lonely over here.

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