Feel it now

Image: jonathan romain

You already have it. That certain something you’re longing for by chasing after whatever it is you’re chasing.

I’m betting that what you’re after is a feeling. A feeling of wholeness. Of completion. Of joy…

Not the thing itself.

When you get the thing, you may feel the feeling. Or you may not (it’s crazy how many times you don’t).

But that feeling is your spiritual inheritance. To feel full. To feel whole. To feel united and complete. Perfection in this very moment is yours. No matter the circumstances.

Breathe it in and breathe it out. This Life is a gift you’re opening as long as your heart continues to beat. Seeing it as such sure helps the process.

By all means, chase the thing. Get the thing. But see it as fun. As play. Not detrimental to your wholeness and worth.

There’s so many out there who, I can tell, feel totally disconnected. Like they’re flailing along grasping for something to give them a sense of approval. A sense of belonging and joy.

You mark your own stamp of approval before the world gives it to you.

This is the truth. You have to feel it in your bones before you can live it in the manifest world. The thing is, it’s not necessarily hard to do. Only as hard or easy as you make it. It merely awaits.

In fact, it’s just a thought away.

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