Permitting the divine

Image: JD Weiher

Spiritual alignment takes vigilance.

It’s funny how we forget this. I mean, you wouldn’t drive your car without making sure most everything is in alignment, right? Your wheels have to be relatively aligned with each other, else the car wouldn’t move very easily, and when you gun it down the road, you don’t just take your hands off the wheel and let the car take you crashing through the guardrail, right?

No, you’re guiding it. Aligning it between the lines and pointed towards the destination.

Sure, there’s a lot of things you take on faith. You have faith your tire doesn’t fall off, your brakes will work, and the bridges stay upright.

I find Spirit to work in the same fashion.

Not that we can control everything. But sometimes we forget to grab the wheel.

Check this out… Let’s look at each day as a unit of time. But then, during that day, there’s different segments. There’s the segment in the morning as you bum around the house, sip your coffee, and scratch inappropriately in front of your wife and child. Then there’s the segment when you’re driving somewhere, the segment when you’re working, the segment when you’re talking to your CPA, the segment when you’re hanging out at night, etc.

Try starting with a daily practice before your day starts. No need to set fire to an altar in your back yard or anything — keep it low key if that’s your jam.

But don’t just toss back your Wheaties, throw on your coat and go. Take a minute — or five, or ten — and permit the divine to align with where you’re headed. When I speak of the divine, I speak of that invisible energy within you that beats your heart, directs your focus, and propels you forward. Take some deep breaths and make sure your Spirit is aligned with your intention.

Something like this…

“Right now, this day, I permit the divine to guide me seamlessly through this day. I permit the creative force of the universe to go before me and make my work filled with the best juju possible. I say yes to my greater good right now, in this moment, and throughout the day ahead. Now… Let’s go rock this.”

Will shit still happen? Oh yeah. But you’ll shock yourself with the brightness it brings into your day, or your money back.

Make it your own. It’s really not a huge deal, but it is.

Take the time to get your greater good on board before stepping foot into your day.

When you get good at this, you can do it more and more inconspicuously. It becomes less words and more of a feeling state. Or, go ahead and make a giant ritual out of it. Whatever suits you best.

This is all for you. No God is expecting you to do this. But — just like when you’re driving a car — the only way you’re going to be aligned with your highest potential is if you consciously take the steering wheel in your hands and point it down the road.

It’s amazing how this changes your day.

When you start making this a habit with your day, split the day up into those segments (this is also known as segment intending) and consciously align with each one.

I permit the divine spirit to flow through me as I have lunch with my cranky aunt Ruth.

I permit the divine spirit to flow through me as I pitch this $45 million deal to the investors I’ve worked so hard to gain trust with.

I allow grace and jubilation to enter into my awareness here at this family reunion.

I open myself to my greatest good as I venture through the grocery store with my 3-year-old.

I permit divine strength to course through my veins as I max out today and make massive #gains.

You get the deal. Grab the wheel and point that spiritual engine down the friggin’ road. Then, crank up some Beastie Boys, slug that coffee, set ‘er on cruise control, and motor along.

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