Don’t forget the ‘micro’ part of life

My micro…

I think it’s safe to say we all want big things in life. Some of our bigs are bigger than other’s, but we all have our ‘big things we aim for’ in life.

Maybe, for you, it’s a promotion. Or a new business. And then, for someone else, it might be a new tattoo of a Norse god on their lower back (because, why not?).

These are all things that have to do with the world at large. I want the new business to impart change in a certain field or I want to get this book published to take that first step as an author or I want that Norse god tattoo because my friends will all want to be like me (okay, I’ll stop with the tattoo — I’m projecting).

This is where most of our focus goes. To the big stuff. The ‘macro’ if you will. We want to do great work, make waves, and seek recognition from our peers. Especially in our high-achieving western world, this tends to gain the focus of what drives us, individually, and as a culture.

But then there’s the ‘micro’. Our elders understood this better than we do, it seems.

It’s the stuff for us, and only us. For me, it’s my family. I enjoy my time with them for the sole purpose of self-fulfillment.

On Friday night, we went to a local high school football game. In our town, we only have one high school. So everyone was there. My wife went to this particular high school, and it was her 10-year reunion thingy (yes, I married the young one).

The strange thing is, I don’t really like football. Neither does she. But we were really excited to go. Like, we were talking about it all week. And when we got there, it was incredible. I saw some old friends, as did she. People welcomed us back to town. And Rory got to see the marching band — which was awesome.

While we were there, I felt incredible fulfillment. Just as much, I’d say, as when I’ve accomplished some of the ‘bigger’ things in life. But on a different level. On a smaller, more micro (but just as powerful) level.

The micro and macro feed each other. One is fueled by the other. Without one, the other gets… Old. And boring.

But together, they make for a wholesome life.

Go forth. Do big things. But don’t forget the micro.

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