Remind yourself to ‘loosen up’

Look what I just told Siri to do…

I suggest you try it out yourself.

Now… When I say ‘loosen up’, I don’t just mean to relax (although that’s certainly part of it). What I’m calling attention to here is the natural tendency we have to restrict our own flow. You know, our mojo.

I believe our highest good is innate. We have more than enough mojo. From the get-go. It rests dormant inside us as untapped potential at every moment. Like the water that surges from the ground behind the closed valve.

It’s up to us to consciously turn it on. The thing is, usually, when we open the valve, we tend to scale back when the flow gets to a certain capacity. We take ‘er down a notch or four to a more ‘manageable’ flow where the water isn’t rushing quite so heavily.

Just a trickle… That’s good enough...

We restrict the flow through our limited beliefs, usually to keep ourselves ‘safe’. From then on, we go around with this little drip, drip, drip of Spirit flowing through our consciousness, trying to water our entire lawn.

Ugh. It’s so… Strenuous. If that God in the sky would only like me enough to bring me more water.

This is what the reminder’s for…

Loosen… Up.

Regularly remind yourself to loosen the grip that cramps off your greater good.

The only one cramping the hose is you. Loosen your grip and allow more through. You can handle more flow. You were built for it. It may be a little alarming when you first see what you’re capable of — especially to the ego, which wants to keep you small and safe — but stay with it.

Open up to a greater volume of good, no matter how uncomfy it may seem at first. Soon enough, you’ll settle into your power.

And when you get used to that, open up to more. And then more. And on and on, letting that natural rising tide of life energy take you higher and higher.

Remember, this isn’t a forced, restrictive thing. It’s a releasing and allowing thing. It’s nothing you need to make happen, it’s something you need to stop disallowing.

Whelp... Looks like my alarm is going off. What was I supposed to do again?

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