The light that’s immune to the dark

Image: John Salzarulo

It’s easy to not want to turn the lights on when things go thump and bump in the night...

There’s scary things lurking in the shadows. Things with claws and fangs and bad spray-tans and haircuts.

Nope… Just leave it. Hurry. Close the door!

I know the feeling. Our new garage is kind of creepy. It’s an old structure that’s detached from the house. Being as old as it is, there’s a lot of gaping holes where cat-sized, furry, angry animals can seek refuge in.

Every time I open that thing at night, I feel like a wombat is going to leap out and latch onto my throat (oh, wait, wombats are actually cute)…

When I open the door, I’m faced with complete darkness until I can get my iPhone flashlight on (since I can’t find my big Maglite, buried in the sea of boxes). That little thing only illuminates my immediate area, which leaves a lion’s share of ominous darkness upon me. Until I flip that light switch on the other end of the garage, the way I see it, my life is in danger.

But when I get to that switch — the promised land — I breathe a sigh of relief.

The brighter the light, the better/safer I feel.

Well, in spiritual terms, this light works internally (obviously).

The more I illuminate my consciousness with this inner-light — this feeling state of vibrant, calm awareness, ease, and (dare I say it) love — the more the shadows dissipate. Yes, even in the face of the worst darkness out there.

The stronger the inner-light, the faster the shadows vanish.

Will this ‘inner-light’, so to speak, make the creepy things of the world go away? Maybe? Or maybe not? But at least you’ll be dealing with them in the light of day which is a far brighter experience than wrestling with them in the shadows.

This is the light in which there is no darkness.

Sure beats this little dinky thing on my iPhone.

Okay, where’s the shampoo?

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