What to create now?

Image: Travis Hezel

Because this is the only option, at each moment.

When it hits the fan, it’s not about redeeming. It’s not necessarily about going back, regretting, making up for, or healing.

It’s about creating something going forward. Because this is all we can do. Even if we think we’re incapable of it.

There’s nothing to heal except for the misunderstanding that we’re not creating in each moment.

What now?

Yeah, that happened. What now? And now? And now?

We are chemists in the laboratory of the infinite. What, then, shall we create?
-Ernest Holmes

So, what’ll it be? More of what pains us? More of what’s in front of our noses? Same old, same old?

Or something good? Something new?

You up for making that leap?

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