More mindlessness, please

Image: Antonina Bukowska

I take issue with a topic that I write about regularly: Mindfulness.

Not the topic itself — that’s all well and great — but the name.

When I think of ‘mindfulness’ I think of a ‘mind’ that’s ‘full’. In other words, it can seem that the aim of this thing is to get up in your head.

And that’s exactly what those of us who consider ourselves ‘mindful’ do. We eat, sleep, and breathe mental… stuff. We meditate, pray, affirm, release, etc.

Meanwhile, I believe we’re missing out on a lot of our… Lives.

Well, I want to propose the opposite buzzword: Mindlessness.

I know. It has a bad connotation. But I think we can make it work.

It’s really the perfect word. See, I want LESS on my mind. The point should not be to fill my mind up with more mental chatter, but to let that stuff pass through unimpeded so I can BE (not ‘think’) in the moment.

Now. And now. And now.

We’re splitting hairs with definitions here. I do apologize. But I hope you see where I’m coming from.

Mindlessness can be a good thing. If done in a mindful fashion... Erm, mindless… Whatever.

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