Does this illuminate me?

Image: Insta Wally

This is the only question we, as creatives, must ask ourselves before we start.


What would they like to hear?
What awards can I win from this?
How many shares, likes, etc. will this garner?
Have I/they done this before?
Is this something that’s in right now?
How can I package this for X, Y, and/or Z audience?
What would save/make my reputation right now?

Nuh-nuh-no… Wrong direction. Back ‘er up, light your aromatherapy candle, and check in with yourself…

Are you making something you long for? Does it illuminate you or does it stress you out because you have to figure out how to finagle it to look good/be accepted by ‘them’?

Create for you. Light yourself up. Then, let the chips fall where they may.

HT to Liz Gilbert for the inspiration

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