You can take your fireworks and…

Our fireworks in Reno are NOT this cool. | Image: kazuend

I live in Reno. This place has a certain beauty and vibrancy to it. It has so much potential, but… Yeah… We’re moving to a smaller town closer to the mountains and away from so many people.

As I write this, fireworks are going off... Again.

Three days a week, fireworks are going off downtown. For whatever reason. Sometimes it’s because of a baseball game. Or a car/motorcycle festival. Or a Beer Crawl, Santa Crawl, Zombie Crawl, Pokemon Crawl, Steampunk Crawl, Mardi Crawl, Sci-Fi Crawl, Pirate Crawl, Pajama Crawl, or any of the dozens of other crawls this town has to generate a few bucks for the bars, casinos, and liquor stores downtown.

I know what you’re thinking…

Why are you complaining about fireworks? Fireworks are awesome!

Not these. These fireworks, you have to be right underneath to see. They typically shoot them off from the baseball stadium instead of from the top of the larger buildings in town, so in reality, most of us who end up experiencing the fireworks (involuntarily) can only hear them. From our homes. As our kids try to sleep.

I don’t know about you, but hearing a 15 minute series of faux gunshots and bomb-blasts at 10pm that only a few people too inebriated to notice can really enjoy seems like a horrible idea as far as a city-planning perspective is concerned. I don’t know if they’re trying to impress us or drive us out of town.

I mean, maybe the organizations who produce the fireworks should pool their money to put towards a new homeless shelter or the dismal school system in the area. That might be a better way to make the community better rather than embarking in mass acts of noise pollution.

But no… The Reno community sets off fireworks three times a week. Which are cool. On the fourth of July. When you’re 10 years old.

I can’t wait to move to the sleepy town we’re in the process of moving to. No fireworks. Just music in the park in the summer. Farmers markets. Christmas markets. That’s about it.

Am I getting old or what? Damn, I’m a curmudgeon. Have a great weekend everyone. No existential point to this one. Just a little grumble grumble as I sit perched on my sofa.

Maybe you can relate to it. Perhaps we can find solidarity in our snootiness. I think I’m gonna go fire off those old M-80’s I have in my junk drawer now.

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