Music, maestro, thanks

Image: Larisa Birta

Most of the time, I identify with my body...

Here I am looking out through my eyes. I can move my hands and toes. But if my body is me, who is the ‘me’ whose body this is?

(Cue mysterious music… Thank you.)

I also find myself identifying with my self-image…

But my self-image is just made up of fleeting thoughts that change moment-to-moment. I can say that I am these thoughts, but who is the ‘me’ who’s experiencing them?

Certain experts say that I am my feelings…

These also change, depending on my thought in the moment. I can say they’re my feelings, but who is the ‘me’ who’s feeling them?

Who is the one who’s having an experience of being me?

Makes the wheels turn, right? Good. Me too.

Pondering this stuff helps us look in the right direction to the root of it all.

The ‘thing’ that we are is hardly ever what we think it is.

Who we are is the formless, creative intelligence behind our experience.

We are not this body, this self-image, or these feelings. We are the maestro behind the scenes orchestrating it all, moment-to-moment. When we forget this, the maestro puts the baton down and everything gets out of whack.

Is this useful information? Practical? Or just existential mumbo jumbo?

Depends on what you do with it, I suppose.

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