Creativity: The ultimate stress-killer

When does stress usually show up? For me, it’s when I believe that the outside world is concrete, unchanging, and — of course — eager to attack me.

Sound close enough for you, too?

A root emotion of stress is helplessness. When we feel cornered, we go into fight/flight/freeze/appease-mode. Survival instincts kick in and all of a sudden, we’re base primates again.

Pass the bananas, please. Thank you.

So, that said, what makes for a good stress-killer?

Sure, you could turn to the stuff that’ll only make your life worse (all the usual suspects), but a simple understanding will work much better. That understanding is this…

You are inherently creative (yes, you).

I bang the drum pretty hard on this, but I can’t say it enough.

There may be no creative answers/solutions to your ailment present at this very moment (if there was, you wouldn’t be stressed, right?).

But know this…

Creativity is not just something we conjure when we’re finger painting.

It’s the golden thread of humanity that motors our evolution. As much of a blessing this is, it’s also a curse. Because we can use our creativity to make-believe we’re not creative (which is what we typically do when we see no options).

Hold steady. Stand firm. Check in with Source. Know that, if you give your creative nature space amidst the chaos, something will emerge. Trust it. Utilize it. And you’ll find yourself back in the flow where stress doesn’t hang out.

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