Getting paid to ignore the trolls

Image: Arkady Lifshits

You do. I do.

Any of us who represent our art/work in the world — if we’re to be deemed as professionals — must ignore the haters and do our work in spite of them.

I know. Getting one trollish remark can make it seem like they’re all laughing at us. Like we’ve been dressed up in a clown suit and thrown in front of the audience against our will.

It doesn’t seem fair. It doesn’t seem ‘right’.

But it happens. And it will continue to happen. As long as we continue to do work that matters (even if it’s bringing a smile — or, with me as a kid, a bout of paralyzing fear — to kids’ faces by literally dressing up as a clown for a living).

But it can’t matter. Because it doesn’t.

What matters is your connection to Source and the ability to act on that ever-creative impulse. This is how you truly serve those that matter.

Just a gentle reminder for the end of your week 😜

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