Friends don’t let friends analyze life while being bummed

Image: Rosalind Chang

When do we usually start to analyze our lives?

Yep… When we’re feeling incredibly bad about ourselves.

Why don’t we dive into deep life-analyzation (yes, this is a technical term that I invented) when we’re feeling stoked about life?

Wait, I know why...

Because when we feel great, we’re usually in the moment. We’re usually just… Living. Our heads are typically out of the picture when we’re in this feel-good vibe.

The analyzing starts when things are going wrong.

You feel like you’re doing the right thing. You just got dumped, fired, or slighted, so you go home, lay down on your bed, and stare up at the ceiling trying to ‘figure it out’.

Never. A good. Idea.

It’s like the friend who thinks he drives better when he’s a little bit buzzed (or were those just my friends?).

So, please… Don’t analyze your life when you’re down in the dumps.

Notice the thoughts that are creating the bad feelings and realize your low state isn’t really coming from an unchangeable outside reality. It seems like it is. But in actuality, it’s coming from your thoughts in the moment about that outside life.

I know it seems like you’re mindfully objectifying the situation as you stare at your ceiling fan at 3am. You think you’re seeing the situation for what it is — really, really bad — and making judgement calls from that.

But that’s not quite true.

You’re creating it all. You’re making it all up.

This is what we do — we’re creative beings. We can’t help it. Which is nuts, but it’s also awesome. Because now you see that you can choose differently.

Right now, you can let go of the analyzing. It’s 3:30 am. Count 20 more rotations of that fan and release your grip on the analyzing. Float up. Let the thoughts drift out of your body, up through the ceiling.

Can you laugh at yourself right now? That’s huge. I know you can get in that place — I have. And I’m no special bird. I’ve gone from hopeless despair to outright hilarity in an instant. This is the nature of the mind. It’s not fixed. It’s extremely malleable. As malleable as we deem it.

When you do that, and your vibrational state has raised to a higher station, then you can analyze your life if you wish. But my guess is — it’ll probably be the last thing you want to do then. Because you’ll be living in the moment. Truly living. Analysis-free.

Now give me those keys. I’m driving.

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