Bring on September

Your monthly wrap-up from Higher Thoughts

Image: Joanna Kosinska

In just a few days, we’ll be ripping that August page off the calendar and tossing that bad boy in the waste-paper-basket (yes, I love saying that: “waste-paper-basket” — I know, I’m weird). Here’s your final-friday in August wrap-up newsletter for Higher Thoughts.

It was a crazy month for yours truly — I turned, well, older… My daughter turned 3 a day later (yep, she’s a threenager now). She’s effectively stolen my birthday. I barely get gifts anymore. Not that I’m bitter or anything. (Although I did get these pretty sweet skis — yes, at the ripe old age of 37, and after living 30 minutes from Tahoe for almost 20 years, I’m actually learning to do this. Insurance? Check.)

Other than that, all’s well. September is one of my favorite months because it means we’re gearing up for my favorite season — fall (and winter, respectively)! Cooler nights and longer sleeves are both great things in my book. For a Leo, I’m not much of a summer guy.

Okay… Enough small talk. Here’s the nitty-gritty from Higher Thoughts in case you missed anything…

Top 3 recommended posts in August

Fellow Medium-ers I’m vibing with right now

I don’t consume as much content as I’d like (although I’m getting better at it), but from what I do, here’s a couple fellow Medium-ers I’m really loving right now…

  • T.O. Weller is one of the most heartfelt writers I know
  • Hassan S. Ali is hilarious
  • Loving what Jack Coyne’s doing with his daily musings
  • Update: Markus Almond (a recommendation from a previous Higher Thoughts letter) has moved his whole blog to Medium (one of my favorite blogs in the world that I’ve been following for some time now). Welcome to Medium, Markus!

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Whelp… That’s it for me. Until next time, think higher and we’ll catch ya tomorrow on Higher Thoughts.

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