Don’t write it down… Yet

Image: Evan Clark

A writer’s greatest tool is the act of noticing. 
And therein lies the problem.

When we notice something, we want to write it down (because we’re writers, right?).

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. Something emerges and BAM, I get to the digital notepad to jot it down, ASAP.

I had an insight lately that this might not be the best thing to do. It feels knee-jerk. Twitchy. And no one wants to be knee-jerk or twitchy.

Here’s what I gleaned from that insight…

When you notice something, don’t write it down. Don’t label it. Yet.

If you write it down now, you’ll cut it off. Like cutting off the stem of a rose as soon as it starts to bloom, you might capture it as it is now, but you won’t allow it to blossom to its fullest place of vibrancy and color.

Notice it and let it grow in front of you.

Sit with it. Be with it. Roll it around.

Then write about it.

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