Let the moment in


Label it. 
Figure it out. 
Define it. 
Be correct about it.

Why do we strive so hard to do this?

We get the new job...

The first day, it’s nice. People are nice enough. The schedule fits. We enjoy the work.

But then, a certain part of us seeks out threats.

Oh, he’s a jerk. 
She’s a braggart. 
They get together with their friends every Tuesday night and gossip about everyone. 
My boss is conniving, incapable control-freak.

Layer after layer after layer, our process thinking covers up the moment with a story that we buy into from the prehistoric part of our psyches that may have kept us safe generations ago (or as kids), but only inhibit us today.

Why do we allow that teeny tiny part of our being to keep the vastness of this moment out?

We’re alive. And if, as in the above example, we’re working — we’re probably pretty healthy too. We have clean water to drink. We have indoor plumbing. We have free/cheap internet and Netflix and a ton of clothes in the closet and most — if not all — of our senses are functioning.

We have zero. Excuses.

We’ve essentially won the lotto. All of us reading this right now (and me, writing it).

But we stare at it and piss it away because we let the stubborn, shortsighted, and petty part of ourselves lead our lives.

It feels ‘right’. 
We feel ‘correct’ when we ‘call it’…

See… I knew he wasn’t to be trusted. Proved me right.

Now what? Another solidified, dysfunctional belief that has consumed us. It may have guarded us against ‘him’, but meanwhile, it’s closed us off to the magic happening in the background.

I’m being a bit harsh here... But I look around and see so much of this going on.

You experience what you’re open to. Take conscious control of the reins of your mind and see the good in your situation. I guarantee there’s a ton of it.

Let the moment in.

Right where you are, reading this. Take a glance away from this page and breathe the only breath of your life that matters — the one coursing through you right now.

How many more will there be? Maybe three? Maybe a million? It doesn’t really matter, but it does.

This moment right now — if fully taken in — can change your life.

Open up to it. Surrender to it. Feel its perfection in every part of your being. This is truth.

Nothing in your outside world has to change. Just one step across the distorted perception of your ego and into this divine moment can show you on a molecular level all it has to offer. This is all it can take to change the rest of your life going forward.

This ever-present moment is a transformational one. If we allow it to be.

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