3 steps to living from conviction

Image: Levi Bare

As we face a decision to do something new — something scary, risky, uncertain, etc. — we come upon a common dilemma…

Should we do it?

Should we send the client the proof? 
Should we take that first stride on the treadmill in eight(een) years? 
Should we have that conversation with our friend?

Here’s the three-step process for (a) determining if it’s worthy to pursue, and (b) doing it with conviction and power…

  1. Is it expansive or contractive?
    Contractive? Abort. 
    Expansive? Go to step two...
  2. Are you resisting it? 
    No? Then do it, already. 
    Yes? Go to step 3...
  3. Do it anyways. 
    In this situation, you must do the thing first and get the courage/confidence/drive later. It’s a nice convenience for your mind to be on board beforehand. But that’s not always the case (especially with really important things like the ones we’re talking about).

This is conviction.

Feeling expansively compelled — albeit scared sh*tless — to do something And doing it anyway.

Your mind will jump on later.
It has to.
Where else is it going to go?

Conviction means jumping into expansiveness before your mind is on board.

Your physicalness goes first with conviction.

You write the damn book. 
You reach out to the damn mentor. 
You publish the damn illustration you think will shake up your peers. 
You hit those damn weights and get your damn reps in even while that scared, loud voice is kicking and screaming. 
You take a damn day/week/month off to regroup even though you think your co-workers/bosses/partners won’t approve.

Damn, damn, damn. 
Do, do, do.

Then, next time you do it, you’ll have far less resistance.
If any.

Today’s new norm will be yesterday’s moment of terror.
And you’ll be ready for the next thing.

This is the transformation that conviction provides.

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