Thought-recognition and relentless self-awareness

What I’m noticing is — whether you’re a brand struggling with your marketing or an individual with your thinking, it’s SO often a variation of one issue:

When we don’t recognize how/what we’re thinking, our thinking becomes real and we become victims of our circumstances.

  • Businesses see a slump in profits and think they’re doomed
  • After some time in a relationship, people think their partners are boring
  • Athletes have a bad game or two and start to think they have no ability

As soon as we recognize that our experience is coming from the way we’re thinking about it, all of a sudden, these self-fulfilled prophecies evaporate…

  • Brands see that they’re business improves drastically when they step into their power, see how they truly serve people, and ramp up their game in that area
  • Couples see that their partner turns back into the person they fell in love with when they realize the dysfunction lies in how their thinking about them (and, therefore, how they’ve started treating them) has changed over time
  • Athletes see that they’ve been obsessing about their weaknesses rather than capitalizing on their strengths, which has hampered their performance

Thought-recognition is the ability to examine thought in the moment. So many of our problems disintegrate when we allow ourselves to do this.

When we don’t see what we’re thinking, we can’t see how we’re being. We’re just reacting to an overwhelming world.

Self-awareness is a huge part of thought recognition. When we start to recognize thought, we begin to recognize how it’s been animating us. We start seeing how we’re fooling ourselves. We see our strengths and our shortcomings objectively.

Power comes in when we can recognize that it’s all about thought. When we can take a step back and see what we’re thinking, then we can see who we’re being and what we’re doing. This is power. Because when we do this, we can play. We can create. We can dance with it.

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