The world doesn’t make it real

Consciousness does

Image: Jordan Sanchez

It seems like life is a series of objective reactions to an outside world.

They did this. So I did that.
She said this. So I said that.
This tastes like this. So I can’t stand it. 
This happened. So I did this.

It can seem like what we do in life is BECAUSE of the world out there.

Like, duh — he’s an asshole, so I’m gonna be an asshole back. It’s not me, it’s him.

Makes total sense to the ego.

Things exploded for me when I learned that this wasn’t the case. At all.

The reality of the moment doesn’t come from out there. It comes from consciousness.

It’s an inside-out job. Not an outside-in one.

If it were an outside-in one, you and I would share exact thoughts and feelings about said asshole above. But that likely wouldn’t be the case. We’d experience him in totally (or, maybe subtly) different ways.

Reality comes from consciousness bringing our thoughts about the moment to life via our senses.

Take me for example — I’ve always had a phobia of bees, hornets, and all stinging, flying insects. When one is in my vicinity, I freak out. Like, FREAK the f*ck out. It’s fight/flight, baby.

I used to think it was just the right thing to do. Like — why aren’t you guys throwing punches at the hornet like me? That bastard can STING YOU!

In that moment — it’s real for me. Physically, sensorially real. My heart would start beating faster, tunnel vision would kick in, my shoulders would tighten, my fists would clench, etc.

But now knowing that the reality isn’t coming from the hornet, but from my thoughts about the moment coming to physical life via consciousness — has made me far less victimized by it.

What’s great about this is, there’s nothing you have to do. It’s all based on understanding. Once you understand that reality comes from consciousness bringing thoughts about the moment to life, you can change your thoughts about the moment and create a new reality.

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