Rising above fear

Image: Zach Izraeli

I got a note from one of my favorite readers the other day. Here’s a snippet of what she said:

Awhile back I realized that fear was guiding me. And, in a cruel twist of fate, I am afraid of fear. Then the best thing happened — just two days ago I realized that I am afraid of letting go of fear. It turns out this is something I can work with precisely because I know what you say is true, and if I remember it, the logical conclusion is that it is not only safe, but the best possible course of action, to let go of fear.

See the words…

Fear was guiding me.
I’m afraid of fear.
I’m afraid of letting go of fear.

Judging by the words, although it’s loosening its grip, fear has dug its heels in.

Fear can seem incredibly real and concrete.

We’ve given Fear a name. We make it into a living, breathing entity with sharp fangs and a kung-fu grip. It seems to be able to sneak up and wrap its arms around our necks. It won’t let go and neither will we.

Here’s what I’ve come to see…

Fear has no life of its own. We manufacture it.

The more we fight fear, become frightened by fear, or even try to release fear, the more of a story we add to our already traumatic story about it.

And in that story is the only place fear can exist.

But what if, in the moment of becoming fearful, you were okay with it?

What if you were fine with fear.

What if you welcomed it — consciously?

What if you ‘invited it to tea’, so to speak?

Because when you do that, what feeling-state are you in (hint: it’s not fear)?

Yep… Acceptance.

Acceptance is the springboard to a higher thought.

The reality is..

It’s impossible to release fear from a state of fear.

When we’re in a state of fear, we must rise in consciousness through acceptance. Then, we see from that point of higher ground, we don’t need to release it at all.

Because it’s already gone.

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