Image: Steve Halama

There’s one common enemy that contaminates deeper feeling, turning it into negative emotion:

Insecurity (fear on wheels)…

Take any deep feeling — any positive emotion — add insecurity, and there you are, in the middle of the sh*t.

Here are a fistful of examples…


Exhilaration is a deeper feeling that fills us up and inspires us. It makes us thrilled about life. We’re enthused, but we’re calm and our energy level is high. Add insecurity and we become excited. When we’re excited, we’re like easter bunnies on crack. We’re on-edge. When we come out of excitement, we crash.


When we lose someone, for example, the deeper feeling we can experience is one of gratitude. Grateful for our time with that person and who they were, what they resembled. It’s a warm feeling and we feel good for having known them. Throw insecurity in the mix and we become scared about never being able to see them again, what we’re going to do without them, etc.


In humility, we feel small in the grand scheme of things, which makes us feel strong as we see ourselves as parts of a powerful whole. Add insecurity, and this deeper feeling turns to modesty where we become frightened and shrink from that thought.


With resolve, we feel a sense of purpose and commitment. This is all we need to launch us into effective action. But then insecurity comes in and we become angry which is resolve’s evil twin sister. This makes us do all sorts of knee-jerk, horrible things.


When we’re in a state of admiration, we see nothing but joy and love. As soon as insecurity enters the mix, that love turns to control and fear of being without. This turns us into stalkers and trolls. Never good things.

You get the point. If you feel negative emotion, you can bet insecurity has something to do with it.

The good news is, insecurity is a creation of the ego — a total farce. So you can write it off for what it is… Nothing.

This will get you back to true North.


Jonas Ellison — is a motivational messenger and life coach who helps people align with the fullest, highest, most creative versions of themselves. To get his short vignettes in your inbox every day, click here.

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