Zero compassion towards problems

A high-flame approach to the true meaning of compassion

Image: Tim Wright

I don’t care about your problems.

I don’t care about my problems.

I give zero sh*ts about how bad things are right now for you, for me, or for the world.

And the way I see it, this is the highest form of compassion there is.

If I’m in a trance where I’m feeling sorry for you or feeling horrible about a certain sect of people’s plight — I have nothing to offer.

Feeling sorry for anyone or anything for more than about 2 seconds is the opposite of compassion because I’m buying into the story that the problems are the reality of the situation.

They’re not.

I see a truly capable, creative being who brushes aside the problem and launches through them as if there was nothing there.

I see a fully-aligned force of nature steeped in well-being, joy and fulfillment.

You know it’s there. I know it’s there.

Only difference is — it’s all I choose to look at.

How about you?

Jonas Ellison —is a motivational messenger and life coach who helps people align with the fullest, highest, most creative versions of themselves. To get his short vignettes in your inbox every day, click here.

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