Source, not circumstance

A brief synopsis about Creative Living

Image: Nicolò Di Giovanni

Your moment-to-moment experience comes from Source, not circumstance…


Human experience is derived completely from thought. Thought flows from Source — from the infinite intelligence within — through the prism of our consciousness and onto the screen of our minds where it becomes ‘real’.

Not the other way around.

It’s a beautiful design. Only problem is when we don’t understand it.

See, we can think whatever we want. Just as I can believe in Santa Claus, I can also believe that experience comes from out-there, effectively putting the outside world as the determiner of my experience.

Only thing is, it hurts when we do this. A lot. Which makes us either wise up or numb the pain using whatever means we can.

There’s another way…

Shift your perception to the deep understanding that whatever painful story you’re making up right now means NOTHING because it’s based on a backwards worldview.

Drop it. See the grand design. Fall back into the safe arms of Source. And float back downstream where joy and true fulfillment lives.

When we’re tuned into Source, we put ourselves into the Creative Flow. We become the artists of our experience rather than the hopeless victims. We live from the deep insight and inspiration that comes from our hearts and minds (which feels amazing) instead of from knee-jerk survival/fear-based reactions that originate from out-there (which feels effortful and excruciating).

Feeling tells us how close we are.

Bad feeling = bad thoughts = misalignment with Source.

Broke? Tune into Source, live Creatively and solutions come from within. 
Hungry? Tune into Source, live Creatively and solutions come from within. 
Stuck? Tune into Source, live Creatively and solutions come from within.
Have gas? I can’t help you with that. But the above probably applies.

This is the whole meaning of Creativity (with a Capital ‘C’). It has very little to do with painting, drawing, or writing — those are just a few of the infinite channels of it.

Creativity is the ever-available Source energy behind those things. Creative-Living is aligning with and using that unseeable Life Force to live creatively instead of reactively.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing your taxes, playing with your kid, or painting your next masterpiece.

It’s not about the ‘doing’. It’s about the Power behind the doing. It’s about how aligned we are with our innate Creative Superpowers as we move through our day. It’s about stepping out of the story we’ve been sold that life comes from circumstance and stepping into the reality that life comes from within.

Always from within. Never from without. Tune into Source and Create. This is You. This is the way it works. See it. Understand it. And live it.

Jonas Ellison — is a motivational messenger and life coach who helps people align with the fullest, highest, most creative versions of themselves. To get his short vignettes in your inbox every day, click here.

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