Stress ≠ Productivity 👊

Image: Amar Yashlaha

It should be obvious, but it isn’t…

Stress is not a prerequisite for productivity. It’s definitely not a stand-in for it.

So what brought us here? I believe it’s a byproduct of growing up in a factory-based society. From home to school to work doing meaningless chores, jobs, and tasks where the parents, teachers, foremen and managers gauge our work by how ‘busy’ (stressed out) we appear.

Yelling makes us look productive when our jobs are to look busy. So does having a bluetooth constantly trained at the ear. As well as countless other nervous ticks of the ‘busy-to-appear-productive’ culture.

Soon, it becomes a belief and a habit and before we know it, we’re in the ICU.

Ditch the stress and the productivity — like, the real ‘getting sh*t done’ kind of productivity — increases. As does our health. And happiness.

Don’t stress. Just get it done.

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