When it grips you

Image: Anthony Tori

This is it... This is the moment.

The ego has hooked you like a fish.

You’re totally caught up in its net.

Enraptured by a story and a corresponding emotion so strong. So concrete. So seemingly real.

That you won’t allow yourself to be free.

You hear a whisper from that Higher voice. So faint. But so direct.

Lay your story down.

It only says it once. If you’re lucky — twice.

Almost immediately, the ego chimes back in. Louder. Scarier.

If you lay it down… you’ll die.

This message may not bubble up to the surface of our consciousness, but it is fundamentally what it’s saying.

It’s interesting to inquire here — who will die?

It’s all a lie.

You won’t die. IT might die. That part of yourself designed to keep you small.

But for you — like, Y-O-U — this is the moment when YOU can come alive.

Don’t wait for your thoughts and feelings to be on board. They won’t be.

Just act.

Lay down your story and love in the face of it.

Let IT die. That part of you that holds on to grudges, chokes off forgiveness, and keeps you right, but miserable.

This is your moment to be free.

I’m Jonas Ellison — a motivational messenger and transformative coach who writes daily here on Medium. To get my short vignettes in your inbox every day, click here.

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