Unaccustomed to simplicity

Image: Matt Le

It’s almost always more simple than we make it.

In our work... In our relationships... In our finances… In our health… In our lives...

I like being what I call, ‘curiously dumb’ about things.

When I allow myself to be curiously dumb, things ‘occur’ to me more. Fresh thinking seems to happen more than when I think I have it (or should have it) all figured out.

I guess this is my way of expressing the whole ‘empty cup’ concept.

Most of us have been raised to believe that — in order to know something, we have to fill our brains full of other people’s thoughts and ideas. This might be the case for some of life’s more mechanical things (brain surgery comes to mind). But with things that involve creativity (no, we usually don’t want our brain surgeon to be ‘creative’ — until we do, of course), it usually behooves us to get more accustomed to simplicity.

Give your permission to embrace simplicity. Allow insights and fresh thinking to rule each and every moment.

In taking my advice, I think I’ll close it right there. Nice and… simple 👍

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