Your mind as a sushi boat

What if they changed the rules at sushi restaurants (in particular, the ones with the little boats of sushi floating around the bar)? What if they FORCED YOU — by samurai sword — to eat the contents of EVERY SINGLE sushi boat that floated by you… and you could never leave.

At first it might be okay. You’re probably hungry when you first sit down. You might even luck out and get the caterpillar roll or the spicy tuna.

But then, you’d start to fill up. All of a sudden, those delicious boatloads of goodness start turning into life-threatening vessels of doom.

You’d start getting the uni and other dreadful dishes.

As your stomach filled up to capacity, you’d end up vomiting and passing out on the floor of the sushi restaurant and they’d have to revive you with a shot of sake and a quail egg shooter.

This is how I see the way many of us handle the mind. Except, instead of sushi boats, we have ‘thought boats’ floating by. We can’t necessarily choose the contents of each one — that’s up to the chefs — but we can choose which ones we consume.

The problem is — we have the ‘rules’ wrong in our heads. It’s like we truly believe that we have to do like our example above and consume every single thought boat that floats by. And we easily get bloated, disgusted, and maxed-out.

Thoughts are like sushi boats. The bad ones are just… there. They’ll always be there. But you don’t have to eat them. Just let them float on by.

Free thinking… What a beautiful gift it is.

Who’s ready for a sake bomb?

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