Goodbye July, from Higher Thoughts

July is going out faster than a Chinese missile across the Nevada desert sky.

August is a big birthday month in my household. My daughter Rory and I are one day apart — me on the 21st and her on the 22nd, so we’re having the annual RoJo birthday bash here in a few weeks, which I’m pretty excited about. Even though she’s totally hijacked my birthday — all the gifts are hers and my birthday is now full of pink balloons, princesses, etc. (I’m not bitter or anything — just saying)…

That said, I hope this letter finds you in a cool place. Without further ado, here’s the top 3 recommended posts from Higher Thoughts in July for you to enjoy this weekend:

3. There’s no such thing as wasted time 
2. You can’t think your way to a quiet mind
1. You need do nothing

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Until tomorrow…

As Ever,