Half-staff is the new normal

There’s a flag on top of a building by my house I always see when driving home. One thing I’ve noticed — especially lately — is that the thing seems to be at half-staff damn near all the time now.

It’s like halfway up the pole is the new normal. It seems that most every day, there’s fresh blood spilled on a mass publicly witnessed scale. Whether it’s an officer. A citizen. A terrorist. A group of officers. A group of citizens. A group of terrorists.

Every day, it just seems to… Happen.

I’m no socio-political anthropologist. I don’t even play one on TV. I don’t really like talking about political/cultural issues. It’s not in my wheelhouse. I don’t have cable. I hardly ever even look at the news.

But this half-staffed flag is in my face. I want to put my two cents forward for what it’s worth…

I don’t know if it’s our easy access to media (30 years ago, how many of us would instantly know that 84 people were just barreled over and killed in Nice?). I don’t know if it’s that everyone now has a free broadcasting platform to voice their anger, fear, hate, and sorrow to 500 strangers and friends in a few keystrokes.

Is this a good thing? Is it bad? I can see both sides.

All I know is this… It seems like we live in a world that’s out of control. And out of that fear comes a whole lot of gnashing of teeth.

We’re bombarded with minute-by-minute reminders that the human race is a severely flawed one.

Is that true? Sure seems so. But I beg to differ.

I believe it’s all based on a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding says that we’re under full control of what’s happening out there.

If we elect the wrong person… We’re screwed.
If the stock market drops… We’re screwed.
If the value of our house goes down… We’re screwed.
If this government/sect does this horrendous act… We’re screwed.

Basically — if the world out there isn’t perfect… We’re. Screwed.

I often wonder this… What if violence was eradicated from the earth tomorrow? Like, we had one solid week where no one killed, hurt, or maimed anyone else…

What would we do? Would we be seeing huge, ramped-up headlines about how certain people are watering on non-watering days?


I’m being absurd. But really, here’s my point.

Your world is created from the inside-out.

Don’t wait for ‘them’ to change. Humans will be humans. Always. If you wait for ‘those people’ to become perfect, you’ll be waiting for a long... Damn... Time.

But also know that you have more power to create peace in your life than you give yourself credit for.

I know many people who — despite their circumstances, despite the odds — have absolutely created their own worlds that they’re thriving in right now. I know of people who are in prison that, once they realized the creative nature of the human experience, feel more free now behind bars than they ever did on the streets.

Unlike plants, who are indigenous (they require a certain specific physical environment to thrive in), we humans are indogenous. We live, breathe, create, and have our being in a mental environment which we have full control over at all times. It’s just that it’s up to us to realize this and act accordingly.

Think micro. Create peace with yourself. Create peace with your kids. And your neighbors.

Do what you do now. Share the videos. Speak your truth. Just try doing it with a background knowing that life is flowing out of you, not onto you. Try it and I think you’ll be surprised how things might change.

My name is Jonas (like the Weezer song). I’m a transformative coach who writes daily here on Medium. To get my short vignettes in your inbox daily, click here.

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