The problem with advice


Is it just me, or is the world addicted to advice? Not just getting it, but giving it?

I want to say it has to do with the information/connection age, but something tells me it’s just part of being human.

I write here every day and I like to think I hardly ever give outright advice (okay, maybe a little).

This frustrates some readers. But I really think the last thing you need to start your day is more advice (because you do read me every morning to start your day, right?).

Michael Neill put it best in The Inside-Out Revolution:

The problem with advice is that until we regain our bearings, we can’t use it; once we regain our bearings, we don’t need it.

I found this to be profound on many levels…

When we ‘lose our bearings’ in life, the problem is hardly ever a lack of advice. The problem is that our egos have stacked loads of bullshit thought on top of our wellbeing.

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean… Have you ever had anyone try to give you advice or try to cheer you up when you just want to be pissed off?

And then, out of the blue, you find yourself… Fine. Just like that. At that point, you see you don’t need advice. And never did in the first place.

This proves that it’s never about adding thought — good or bad. It’s about letting thought fall away so we can regain our natural sense of wholeness.

The only thing advice can do is add to what stands between us and it.

Say… Cheer up, will ya?

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