You need do nothing

Image: Joshua Ness

There’s an underlying fear in the human experience that goes something like this:

I can’t allow myself to feel truly fulfilled right now. Because if I was, I’d lose the motivation to live. To achieve. To get. And I’d sit here on this couch, veg out, starve, and die.

A line from A Course in Miracles that I’ve always gotten hung up on says, “I need do nothing.”

This one always got me. I knew there was something there — something palpable — but, my inner dialogue always went like this:

Like, seriously? You mean I don’t need to eat dinner tonight? You mean I don’t need to work? You mean I don’t need to pay attention to my family? You mean I don’t need to pay my taxes? (Etc. etc.)

Turns out, the ego sees this concept as a command to NEVER do anything.

But it doesn’t say that. It just says to realize we don’t need to do anything.

And check this out…

Just because we don’t need to do anything doesn’t mean we won’t do anything. Life doesn’t work that way (go ahead and try it).

We’re essentially creative beings. Because even when we decide to not do anything — that’s still doing something (making the decision to not do anything).

Ugh… You’re probably so far up in your head right now, you’re going cross-eyed. I sure am. I apologize. Let’s take a step back here and put this one to bed…

The key word here is ‘need’.

I need do nothing.

When I think I need to do something, all I do is muddy the waters of the mind, which makes it impossible to be Present in the moment. And being present in the moment — tapped into Source — is where the most delicious creative juju comes from.

When we take the pressure off of ourselves by allowing ourselves to not HAVE to do anything, we can act from a place of freedom and joy as opposed to one of obligation and stress — a much better place to live and create from, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s how it makes better sense to me:

I will do something — it’s in my creative nature — but I need do nothing.

I am fulfilled. I am whole and perfect, right here right now (a little hungry, but that’s besides the point). Knowing that makes life less of a chore and more of an experience.

And no, I won’t starve.

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