The breeze

Image: Jamie Street

Right now, a slight-but-steady, refreshingly cool Sierra breeze is paying me a visit.

Alex is at a get-together. Rory is asleep. And it’s just me and the digital page.

My temple.

Tonight, I just want to say — it’s easy to lose touch with what’s important. It’s a tricky world these days. One that can knock us off balance easily.

Our path isn’t as defined as it seems it ‘should’ be. It’s wrought with many bright and shiny objects that can lure us in and pull us away from our most important work.

Sometimes, it pays to take a small step back from it all, reevaluate, and check in with that inner-GPS system.

Is it rerouting… Rerouting… Rerouting…???

I’m kinda feeling like that right now. Maybe time for some recalibration. Or maybe just a reset.

Here’s to your weekend. I’m gonna go enjoy the cool breeze while it’s here.

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