Don’t fix… Shift.

Image: Javier Calvo

Life seems to be a series of running around to all the ‘broken parts’ and trying to repair them. Of rushing around trying to put out each little fire, but by the time we’ve put out two or three, there’s four or five more starting.

Don’t fix… Shift.

Scabs don’t turn into ‘fixed, better scabs’. They shift entirely into new flesh (with maybe a little scar tissue to brag to your friends about).

When you’re driving a car, and you’re maxed out at top-speed in first gear, there’s nothing to fix. Your car just merely needs to shift into second gear and keep going. It’s a natural sequence of events that’s all part of the design (if you don’t get in the way of it happening).

Unlike my car that breaks down all the time (yes, I refuse to let go of my 1990 Isuzu Trooper ), there’s nothing broken about your nature as a human being.

When we shift our paradigm into a place where we see there really is nothing broken about us in a critical, fundamental sense — we can live from our wholeness and let nature do its thing.

We can tune into new insights, access deep levels of creativity, and establish unheard of connections in our relationships. These are all parts of our default setting that — if it wasn’t for our compulsive thinking — we’d sink back into in due time.

The truth is — we can’t help but shift. It’s part of the design. We have only two options — we can either fight it, or we can allow the shift to wholeness happen.

I suggest the latter.

Because when we’re fighting it — when we’re red-lining that sucker — it’s impossible to allow the shifts to happen.

Now hop in and lets hightail it outta here.

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