If we only knew where our true freedom comes from


I’m no expert in the socio-political world, but I have a strong hunch that, if even a slight majority of people on Earth knew where their freedom truly came from, huge wars would become a distant memory of humankind.

It doesn’t matter who gets killed, how many get killed, or what happens as the result of the killing.

Whether we win or lose the war, our human experience — the thing we’re fighting against other humans to change — only really changes when we reach deeper levels of understanding/consciousness. The only thing that’s keeping us from those unreached levels of consciousness are the barriers of thought we’ve stacked up in our very own psyches.

Even if we’re fortunate enough to ‘win’, overcoming a faraway enemy is merely a temporary fix. If we don’t shift in consciousness, soon enough, we’ll have created a new enemy out of thin air.

We’re all free in consciousness. We all have access — through thought — to the same infinite creative intelligence that could make war obsolete.

But it’s impossible to understand until… We remember.

Happy Independence Day.

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