Freedom over control

Image: Anthony DELANOIX

Since it’s our Independence Day weekend here in the US, my theme for the next couple days is going to be… Freedom.

Freedom from thought is far more transformative than control over thought.

Control of thought is better than being completely victimized from thought. When you see that thought is something you can play with, life becomes far less daunting.

But the next shift is freedom from thought. When you know that it’s totally fine whether you feel great or feel horrible — whether things work your way or not — you’re truly free.

Problem is — our society today doesn’t really value freedom as much as we do control. Everything should be on-demand like Netflix.

Now, I get it…

Control is better than no control. But it pales in comparison to freedom.

Experiencing the move from control to freedom just takes one tiny shift in mindset... To be totally free.

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