If ‘someday’ never comes

Image: Eric Rothermel

I say it to myself all the time…


Someday, I’ll be good.
Someday, the world will come to its senses.
Someday, I’ll have the business I want.
Someday, my wife and I will be able to sleep (aka: our daughter will sleep).
Someday, I’ll stop eating so much crap.
Someday, I won’t have to have such an intense schedule.
Someday, I’ll be able to play golf again.
Someday, I’ll be financially secure.

Someday, someday, someday…

Well, what is ‘someday’? When is ‘someday’? Will it be on a Thursday in October? What will the weather be like on ‘someday’?

Here’s what I’m suggesting…

‘Someday’ is just a thought.

‘Someday’ means nothing. It’s a thought concept that has no foundation in reality. It’s a structure of the mind to keep us from stepping into the truth and holding on to the status quo.

In the ever-present moment of now, ‘someday’ is merely an illusion.

Maybe that will really sink in for me... Someday.

Kudos to Mara Gleason for the inspiration for this entry.

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