You’re never a victim of circumstance

Image: Yutacar

If you, me, and a few friends are sitting around the pub having a pint of ale (because this is how we roll), and I take my ale and splash it on your face, you might be upset. In fact, you might want to punch me in the face.

If I did it to our friend, she might get emotional, insecure, and sad.

And if I did it to our other friend, he might laugh and want to start a jovial pub brawl (no, not a violent one — a jovial one — like in the old movies).

The point…

There’s no circumstance that can be guaranteed to make you feel any particular way.

You can never be a victim of circumstance (but you can be a victim of thought).

This isn’t just for the light stuff like beer-fights in a pub. It even goes for the worst of the worst.

Bad things are bad things. I’m not suggesting suppressing them or pretending they never happened. They did.

But realizing that our experience is totally driven from our thought in the moment — from the inside-out — sure gives us a lot more freedom with how we grieve and move forward. And it would definitely allow us to see the darkness for what it is and enjoy the light when it shows up.

Knowing that there is no concrete reality derived from circumstance allows us to mold our experience — a true gift of ours possible through the magnificent gift of our free will.

Our experience of life varies person to person, moment to moment — in thought. You can think like a victim of circumstance (I do it quite a bit, in fact) and you’ll feel like it’s real. Just like, you can think the sun revolves around the Earth (it sure looks like it), and it can seem real. But that doesn’t mean it’s true.

I know. This stuff is pungent. It’s just a great way to be able to unglue yourself from your circumstances so you can realize that your world is a lot more fluid than it can sometimes seem.

Well… Since we’re out of beer — and I started it — I guess I’m buying the next round.

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