Rarely can a response make it better

Image: Omar Prestwich

Just sitting with someone without an ‘answer’ or ‘solution’ is a powerful place to be. But we always want to jump to ‘fix it’. To put a band-aid on it.

Feeling like we’re being ‘helped’ is hardly comfortable. Like the three year-old who loves ‘helping’, and feels great about it themselves, when in reality, they’re not actually helping at all. They’ve kind of just added a lot of time to the task and may have messed it up worse than it was — but we let them do it because it makes THEM feel better.

Rarely can a response make it better. What CAN make it better is connection.

When sitting with someone else who’s gone through some hurt, struggles, or foibles, it’s better to really just be there with them. When we try to fix, we take ourselves out of the room and retreat to our thoughts.

People are thirsty for a true connection, not a contrived response.

They need you there. Like, there. When you’re there in the moment, completely open, you allow for insight to show up. You’re present. And pure Presence is one of the rarest, most valuable things in today’s world. Because only through Presence can true connection be established.

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