Intellect vs. Intelligence: Slowing the fan blade down

Image: Sunset Girl

You should see my bookshelf. It’s ridiculous. (We’re thinking about moving, which is why I’ve been looking at it, dreading the day I have to transport my library again.)

I’ve read so many personal development books... Wealth consciousness. Spirituality. Psychology. NLP. Martial arts. Meditation. All of it. I must have hundreds of books that were designed to do one thing: make my life better.

I think it’s helped — this intellectual journey. Sure beats the alternative in not starting it at all. But there’s something really frustrating I’ve noticed about this path…

It sucks when we’re reading an incredibly inspiring book or watching a great video nodding our head like, hells yes. This totally makes sense.

We go to bed. We wake up…

And we’re the same asshole we were before reading/watching the book/video/etc.

What. The. Eff?

Our intellect is based on the material world. It serves as our database of past thoughts and beliefs that we can pull from. It’s the rolodex of the ego. And it comes in handy. Sometimes. But it’s severely limited.

The powerhouse of the human experience comes not from the intellect — it comes from direct contact with divine intelligence through consciousness.

When we try to process inspiration through the intellect, it’s like trying to toss cards through a fan blade. They just keep getting batted away. Only when we slow the fan of the intellect down can we get a card through. And then more and more the slower it spins.

Intellectualizing this stuff is like being trapped in a library trying to find peace. You study, study, study until your eyes bleed. Sure, your mind feels stimulated. You feel productive. But there’s something still spinning inside. Something unsettled.

When we set the intellect aside to connect to pure consciousness in the present moment, it’s like finding a secret door. And, as you walk through that door, you find the library was inside a huge mansion. You’ve already arrived. Now you can kick off your shoes, lounge it up, and watch old reruns of Baywatch on Netflix.

Here’s the deal: We can read self-help books, listen to audios, and affirm our faces off, but until the fan blade slows down, nothing will get through and no real change will happen.

Real change can only come from stillness and hyper-connectivity through consciousness to new thought.

Here’s the good news: Doing this is totally natural. You don’t have to learn or do anything to be able to do this. You have full access to the present just as much as anyone, 24/7/365.

Keep in mind, however, as natural as it is, it’s not normal. Connecting to Source Intelligence typically takes a deep, immersive experience to slow the blade down enough to where pure insight can make it through. This is why, when I work with people, our first official meeting is usually an intensive. It’s like the surgery. After that, it’s all maintenance. But initially, it’s really just about spending the time it takes to get a handle on that fan blade.

There’s a huge difference between the personal intellect and the impersonal intelligence behind life.

And if all that studying has lead to this distinction, well, I think it’s totally worth it.

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