Thinking about thinking

Image: Gary Rockett

I’ve been known to wipe out entire sections of my day being up in my head. It starts with one little thought, then I’ll start thinking about that thought, and each new thought gives me something new to think about. Soon, I’m totally lost in a world of multiplied thought that has nothing to do with reality.

This is when thinking becomes a problem. When we’re caught up in thought. By thinking about thoughts, we just add more thought to the thinking. And when we do that, things just get noisier and noisier. And we go more and more insane.

The best kind of thinking is original thought. Fresh out of the cow. Straight out of the gates of consciousness.

When we open the aperture of our consciousness up to new thought in the present moment, this is where the good stuff comes in. This is where insight, creativity, and ideas for new cat videos comes from. We do this, not by adding thought to the mix, but by reducing interference. And we reduce interference by getting really present in this moment.

I’m not sure if this is what the Beatles were referring to when they sang, Let it Be, but it seems fitting, right?

Fresh from the cow. This is where it’s at. Grab your bucket, crack your knuckles, and get to milkin’.

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