Whatever’s missing, you’re not bringing

Image: Lesly B. Juarez

It all starts with you... There’s nothing really ‘out there’ except for by-products of what’s ‘in here’.

Sure, you can place all your energies on fixing the world ‘out there’. It’s what most of use were taught to do. Go to a good school. Get a good job. Hope they don’t fire us and pay us increasingly more year after year. Marry the perfect person (and hopefully they stay perfect, else we’ll need to find another perfect person to replace them). Join the perfect religion and political party (and deny any imperfection we see in them). Buy the perfect house (yes, hopefully that increases in value as well, year after year). Etc. Etc.

Meanwhile — where are we? We’re hoping. Hoping it all stays together. Hoping that the money ‘out there’ comes back and peace is restored. Hoping that all of these people ‘out there’ who promised great things and have jobs to do actually follow through. All the while, praying to an outside god that it doesn’t all come crashing down.

And we’re proved wrong time and time again. But we keep focusing on the land of ‘out there’ for answers and solutions. We keep trying to grapple and manipulate that world to do what we want it to.

Nothing will happen if you don’t BRING IT.

This has all been quite dark. Let’s take a step back. So, stop. Take a second. Sit down. Kick your feet up. Close your eyes. Unbutton your fly. And chill for a second.

What’s missing right now? Okay — don’t dwell on this for too long. Resist going into complaint-mode. All you’re doing here is noticing what you need to bring to life.

Out of money? Awesome. Good to know. Now — what in you needs to emerge to provide the money (no, not to get the money — to provide the money)? In what area of your life can you bring abundance and value to the table — if even a little? Because that’s where you can start. And only when you provide the starter seed can the rest of it grow. It’s the basic laws of nature.

I’m not talking about radical self-reliance here. Self-reliance is awesome, but we’re all interdependent. There’s power in that.

You gotta bring to life what’s missing. You gotta look inside and allow what’s missing to emerge within you before you ever see it ‘out there’.

Now button your pants back up. Or not.

Jonas Ellison is a transformational coach and writer who helps people find their Mojo using spiritual, philosophical, and practical tools. To get his short vignettes in your inbox daily, click here.

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