Don’t feed it after midnight

Image: Gerrit Vermeulen

When I was a kid, Gremlins was my favorite movie for a good three-year stretch. I had a little toy Gizmo that I kept in a wooden box. I could even talk like Gizmo, which was an added bonus when I’d have Gizmo fight my other toys (but not an added bonus with the girls).

If you remember Gremlins, you remember the MAIN rule about owning one… Never — ever — feed it after midnight.


I know. The #hustle is a big deal right now in entrepreneurship and business. And no doubt, building a business takes a lot of physical and emotional time and effort. But people are literally killing themselves out there, #hustling (I add the hashtag because it’s just what the hustlers do).

I’m susceptible to it. In no way am I above this. There was a time I went a good two years with an average of less than 6 hours of sleep per night ‘honing my craft’.

Was it worth it? Maybe, but looking back, I really don’t think so. I think I’da been better off sleeping more and getting a higher quality of work time in a shorter amount of hours due to an improved mood, level of awareness, more rested mind, etc.

It’s appealing at first…

I’ll just stay up for an all-nighter and get some shit done.

So you do it (yes, you likely actually spent all night checking email and browsing Facebook, but that’s for another post). You stay up all night, live-Tweeting your #hustle along the way.

Little did you know you just f*cked yourself. You just did it. You just fed it after midnight. Your side-hustle/business starts to feed off of your soul. You become ravenous. You want to give it more and more. Whatever you got, it takes.

(This also brings to mind another epic 80’s flick, Little Shop of Horrors. Enjoy…)

Don’t do it. Don’t feed it after midnight (I’d actually say 6pm is more like it, but I couldn’t work in this Gremlins metaphor in with the 6pm figure).

Remember something. You started your business because you wanted control over your life. You set the precedent from the outset. Don’t let it take you over.

Work hard. Enjoy what you do. Sometimes it’ll suck and you’ll have to work a bit more than you want — and that’s fine. But really… Keep a close eye on your yearning to feed it more… and more… and more.

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