The inner-yes and the outer-yes

Image: Ju On

We talked yesterday about the miraculous nature of acceptance and I wanted to take this time to expand on it a bit. Mainly because acceptance is something the ego has a very difficult time… accepting.

See, when most of us think about acceptance, we imagine it as a form of total surrender. Like we have to roll over and take whatever the world has to shell out on us with no complaint or retaliation.

Well, I’m happy to say, this is absolutely not the case — although it is an often misunderstood concept in the world at large.

Let’s start with the idea that when we accept something, we say ‘yes’ to it. Now, there’s two types of yeses I’d like to outline here — the ‘inner-yes’ and the ‘outer-yes’.

Acceptance has to do with the ‘inner-yes’. We can accept a situation (inner-yes) while verbally/physically saying ‘hell-no’ to it.

If someone is roughing you up, giving it an ‘inner-yes’ of acceptance can only help you gain clarity on the situation and respond in a mindful way. (It sure beats resisting the situation and flipping into fight/flight mode.)

Now, this doesn’t mean we have to allow said perpetrator to carry out his/her dastardly deeds on us. No. We can accept with an ‘inner-yes’ that this is surely happening while expressing an ‘outer-hell-no’ by putting a stop to the nefarious evil-doer’s actions.

Acceptance — the inner-yes — is a state of consciousness. This is the yes that is constant. If we can keep the ‘inner-yes’, then we can be fully present to the moment and have the awareness to execute the best outer response we deem necessary, be that a hell-yes or a hell-no.

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