The miracle of acceptance

Image: Doug Zuba

Whatever you accept, you transcend.

This is a miracle. It’s a miracle because it doesn’t make ‘sense’.

The ego thinks that whatever we fight-and-kick-the-ass-of, we transcend. Makes sense to the logic. But in reality, we get tired easy. And we get beat up. Sometimes we lose. Punch a wall too many and the knuckles get bloody. We start projecting our hate onto everything. Soon, we see everything as hating us. And there’s more to fight.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


Here’s the rub…

Whatever we fight, we’re stuck with. Whatever we accept, we transcend.

Think of unhappiness. It’s when we don’t notice it’s there that we’re most unhappy. It’s just… All over us. It flops up on our back and sinks its dead weight into our very being, crushing us. We’re consumed by it. And even though we’re fighting like hell, we’re still… Unhappy. (It’s winning.)

But when we start to notice it… When we can look at it and be ok with it… THAT’S when it goes away.

When we can take a brief, divine pause, breathe for a second, and just be like… Hmmm. Damn it. I’m really unhappy right now. And that’s totally fine.

Even if we’re still emotionally charged, if we can just muster the awareness to just say it to ourselves, even if it feels like we’re faking it — soon, it will dissipate.

It’s here that we’d have done what only the human species can do…

Recognized our own madness.

And to recognize our insanity is to allow our sanity to arise.

Like I said, this is an absolute miracle. Our ego minds think that this would mean disaster. Like we’d be letting ‘it’ win.

But it’s just not true. Try it. Next time you’re unhappy, step back from the madness, and become okay with being unhappy.

It’s right then and there that your unhappiness is on the way out. It’s absolutely impossible for unhappiness to stick around much longer after you’ve accepted it.

Now, ‘acceptance’ is different than ‘buying into’. To accept means to step back, examine, and embrace. But to buy further into the story of unhappiness would be to continue the fight. This is not acceptance.

We can see this with most people who meditate or are into spirituality and are trying to achieve a certain state of utter bliss and perfection. But meanwhile, they’re unhappy with the state they’re in.

They’ve just screwed themselves. If they’d just accepted their present state, they’d have moved into the state of perfect Presence that they were seeking.

It’s all about subtle shifts of perception. Play around with acceptance. Accept the stuff you normally try to resist. Watch it dissipate. And see your ego’s brain explode.

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