The world is not here to satisfy you

Image: Kev Seto

Life’s heavy sometimes. The world can seem like a ceaseless shitstorm, hell-bent on breaking us down and bringing us to our knees.

Not all the time, but enough to keep us on our toes, right?

Why doesn’t it just give in? Things don’t have to be this difficult. All the world has to do is give me all the money I want and enough time to do everything I want to do with zero interruption from outside forces and I’ll be fine.

But, no… It just keeps on periodically slinging that dung at my forehead.


I used to resist. I used to kick a door and shake my fist at the heavens in defiance. Still do, when the mood hits me right. But there’s something I realized awhile back that made this whole thing a hell of a lot easier…

The world is not here to satisfy us. It’s here to transform us.

Think about it. What makes a great movie? One ripe with conflict. Who wants to see a movie where a guy meets a gal and they get married and live happy lives forever and ever? Or one where two dudes meet in a dark alley, but instead of there being a violent, life-threatening altercation, they go to a pub and laugh the night away — the end?


Here’s something a certain part of you knows that another part of you may have forgotten…

We’re making this shit up.

We decide how much of the story we buy into. These conflicts are constructs of our egos. We set them up so we can transcend them. This is how the world transforms us. This is how we grow. Not by brute force, necessarily. But by rising above it.

It’s just a little game a certain part of us made up long ago, but not so long ago.

The problem is when allow these stories to consume us. When we don’t see them for what they are — paper dolls.

Tap-out? Or transcend? Our choice…

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