You are pure awareness

Image: jesse orrico

Roll this one around in your brain box for a sec. Pure awareness. The light of awareness is always humming along. Even during the bliss of deep sleep, when we have no reference points, no sense perceptions, etc. It’s still there. Just awareness, aware of itself, with nothing to compare itself to.

But then we wake up and see objects. Sensory thoughts start creeping in. Fears. Desires. Insecurities. The strong craving for Oreos.


Sometimes — as much as possible, actually — it’s nice to sit and sink back into that pure awareness that is us at our core. To realize we aren’t these thoughts, fears, and extraneous scraps of mental and emotional bullshit that come to the surface so often during our waking hours.

No. Who we really are is the Force behind it all. We carry the switch in our hands. With just a flip of our minds, we can turn all of it off and enjoy the radiance of awareness that is our bliss. If even for one, powerful instant.

You want an Oreo?

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