More connection, please

Let’s do this Snapchat thing

It’s a common urge for us humans to want more of the good things. To get closer to them. If the appetizer is amazing, I’ll order an entree. If the entree is good, don’t stop there — get me desert.

This is how we humans roll.

Well, that’s what I’m feeling about the audience here at Higher Thoughts. I want more connection. I want to jump out from behind this wall of text and get more face-to-face with you.

For the longest time, I had a phobia against Snapchat. I was too old, I thought, and it showed in my utter inability to use the app (just ask my younger friends about my sheer befuddlement when they tried explaining it to me). Plus, I’m past the point where sending nude photos to random people appeals to me. So I shrugged it off.

However, lately, I feel the platform has grown a lot. It’s not just a hotbed of d*ck-pics and booty-calls (although, from what I hear, there’s still plenty of that stuff if that’s your jam). I’ve actually found it to be a fast, lightweight little tool for people to more deeply connect with each other. There’s no comments/shares/likes/etc. to distract from the main message. It’s extremely easy to use. And it allows for great 1-1 and 1-many interaction.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, it seems Snapchat is designed for a more authentic connection due to the difficulty of editing, shorter duration of content, etc. — I feel much more connected with the people I’ve been following these last couple weeks.

SO, I’m getting my grumpy old ass off the damn couch and getting on it. I’ve been practicing a bit here and there and think I finally have a basic grasp of the app, so….

Find me on Snapchat!

So, I’m with the cool kids now on Snapchat. And I can’t wait to meet you there. Seriously, you — my audience on this blog — have been the fuel to my fire this last year. You inspire me to get up every damn day and write something down here that keeps that divine loop of ferocious mojo going.

So, here’s my Snapchat code which you can hover over and press down on to add me as a friend (this is for you fellow over-30-year-olds — if you’re under 30, it’ll be intuitive).

There’s not much there now, but there will be in the coming days. I have some pretty spiffy ideas for ways we can interact and have fun on there (no, not like thaaaat) and keep that loop of inspiration going.

Here’s to many future snaps together. I’ll see you there.

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