Learning to Be with it

Image: Hieu Vu Minh

The problem a lot of us have when trying to tackle creative problems is that we’re too focused on the tactics, strategies, and how-to’s. We think that, if we can just figure it out first, we’ll then be able to execute on it.

So we think. And think. And search for answers. And more questions come up. Then self-doubt rears its ugly head. And then, we scrap it altogether. Away we cast it into the vast graveyard of un-executed creative ideas. Obliterated by over-thinking.

We gotta get out of our heads. We have to focus on being-ness.

You’ve heard the expression, “Let me be with it for awhile.” Usually these words are spoken by the wise ones. Notice they’re not saying, “Let me think about it for awhile.” This is because they realize they’re not creating the solution, but merely uncovering it. It already exists. If we add layers and layers of thought to it, we just cover it up more and more.

To uncover creative solutions, we must be out of our minds.

The answer is there. We have to just… go. We have to get our hands on it. We must start taking the step towards what’s pulling us, knowing that we’ll stub our toe on the answers as we stumble around after it. And as we let ourselves be with it, our eyes will adjust and things will come into focus.

This is no new concept. Just another friendly reminder about what you already know. Be with it. Work the clay. Remove the excess. Soon, the answer will appear.

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